We support local government and non-profit emergency organizations and agencies. It’s an area where Allgood Communications really shines. We understand how important it is to manage costs while serving diverse groups of clients. Our answering service is an effective way to help control spending while offering support services around the clock. In fact, we assist with a variety of local, county and agency caller needs such as after-hours support for crisis lines, rural fire protection, local housing agencies, and emergency shelter placement.

Because answering service is a shared resource, we can offer quality telephone coverage at a fraction of the cost of doing this work yourself. We’ve been working hard to provide efficient, affordable, high-quality messaging services covering a variety of needs. While serving the requirements of urgent and sometimes tragic situations, we are also able to take care of routine calls so that your staff can stay more focused on their jobs by avoiding frequent interruptions.

Listed below are the platform features suitable for after-hours and around the clock telephone coverage:

Our Web Portal gives you real time access to your messages from any smart phone, tablet or PC. You get access to your messages (up to 60 days old) and have the ability to deliver current messages, print messages or forward them by e-mail as needed. Some of our clients use the Web Portal in conjunction with conditional call forwarding. If they are too busy to answer the phone, are working with a client or out of the office, those calls automatically forward to us. We answer those calls and take a detailed message. This way our clients stay focused on their work and use our Web Portal to keep up with their messages. Managing your messages online has never been easier. You’ll never miss a call.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) text messaging is still the most widely used data protocol in the world, with billions active users encompassing three quarters of all mobile phone subscribers. Each SMS message can contain up to 160 characters, and can be expanded to multiple messages to allow for longer messages to be sent.

At Allgood Communications, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality grade of service. We offer a direct connection to the global SMS network and have upgraded our clients to this highly reliable service. SMS text messaging is now the gold standard for non-medical text message dispatching. If you want to switch to our “carrier grade” SMS text messaging service, please call us today.

Allgood Communications has a partnership with TigerConnect which is supported on all iPhone and Android smartphones and devices. There are several advantages to using TigerConnect, even if you are not a medical client. First, your messages are sent in an encrypted format and they cannot be read by anyone else. Second, your work messages are stored on your phone in a separate location, which makes them easier to access when you need them. This way, work and personal text messages are kept in separate applications.

TigerConnect is also available to use peer to peer at no additional cost. That means you can send and receive secure text messages to and from colleagues who have the application enabled on their phone. It’s fast, efficient, secure and reliable. TigerConnect has been designed to be the best secure text messaging solution available for clients needing secure messaging.

Email is among the most popular methods of communication in the world. Just about everyone uses it daily. We can e-mail your messages to you as they come in or send them to you in a summary report format each workday morning. Your messages and reports can be sent just to you or to multiple e-mail addresses as a group dispatch. Our system is flexible enough to dispatch your e-mail messages however you want to receive them.

Your messages can be faxed to you at preset times each day or as they come in and dispatched to one or multiple fax destinations. If you prefer, we can send them to you in a daily message summary report each morning. We can also include our message documentation so you’ll know the time the call came in and everything our service specialists did in handling each call.

In markets where alphanumeric paging is still available, we can dispatch detailed text messages to you in a format similar to SMS texting to your pager. Alphanumeric paging often eliminates the need for you to confirm receipt of the message. To help protect you against delays in getting back to the caller, we ask them to call back if they don't hear from you or the on-call within twenty minutes. In addition, we sequentially number each page we send so that you’ll have a reference number in case there is ever a question about a message or if you should ever miss a message.

In markets where digital paging is available, our system can page you with your office number or with the caller's telephone number. Typical applications for digital paging are when we send your office number, this alerts you to check in with a service specialist for an important message. Alternatively we can send the caller’s number to alert you to return a call to the original caller without contacting us. Your digital pager can also be used by our system to alert you to check in for a voice mail message.

For urgent and emergency situations, our agents can place a caller on hold, call you and connect you with the caller. If we know the situations that warrant it, we can easily patch your callers through to you. Call patching is convenient and eliminates the need for you to make return phone calls. Use our call patching service during overnight hours, when driving, and anytime you need the added convenience.

You can call our check-in line and listen to your messages as recorded by the service specialist who took the call. This optional service provides added accuracy and detail. Each message is saved into your voice mailbox as they come in. Our voice mail system can also alert you with an e-mail, text message or digital page.

You can always check in with us by calling your office number when you are on service. When we answer, please identify yourself and ask our service specialist for your messages. When checking in, if you have a special request or need to change who is on call, ask to speak to the supervisor on duty.

Automatically archiving your caller's messages and call information can help protect your organization proactively. With Message Archiving, Allgood Communications stores your message history for up to three years. Should you ever need access to it, our system allows you to request a callers’ historical message content and associated call documentation for a specific day or date range. Once a message is marked as delivered in our system the message content cannot be altered. All documentation associated with a call such as time stamps, operator initials and dispatching activities become part of your historical call archive.

Automatically archiving your caller’s messages and call detail information can help protect your organization proactively. With our Message Archiving service, Allgood Communications will store your message history for up to three years. Should you ever need this service, our system allows you to request messages and associated call documentation for a specific day or date range. Once a message is marked as delivered in our system, the message content cannot be altered. All documentation associated with a call such as time stamps, operator initials and dispatching activities become part of your historical call archive.

Our system provides the ability to capture and store specific information about each of your callers as their call comes into us. This process builds a personalized database of your customers including information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, contract information, date of birth, and any other information you’d like us to gather from your callers.

Using this data is a great way for you to track which of your customers called and more importantly knowing who they are. Your customer database can be securely accessed through our web portal. Additionally, if you need regular access to this information, we can configure our system to send you updates in a pre-specified file format on a daily, weekly, or monthly interval.

Your database can also be configured to pre-populate fields in the message slip based upon caller ID. Databases reduce mistakes and allows us to get through your calls faster. This way our service specialist scan confirm caller information rather than asking them for the same information each time they call.

To find our more on how to set up a Customized Caller Database, please <a href="http://localhost:82/agcnew/contact/">contact us</a>.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, your switchboard staffing issues will become obsolete. We work directly with your switchboard phone service provider to seamlessly answer your calls, then route the caller back into your switchboard system.

Please note that your switchboard system must have distinct assigned phone numbers for each reachable end-point.

Our service specialists understand the mission of service agencies and are skilled at handling those calls. In addition, we have made significant system enhancements to ensure the quality of our service and the reliability of our messaging technologies.

“Quality Support Services... Every Hour of Every Day.”